The other day we got a glimpse of Paul Rudd on the set of Avengers: Infinity War and while there was some confusion surrounding whether or not he was working on that film or on Ant-Man and The Wasp, new set photos seem to help clear that up.

Just Jared has once again gotten their hands on some interesting shots of Rudd, in the same clothes he was wearing in the previous photos, in Atlanta’s Central Park. Of interest is that Rudd was not the only actor on set as Benedict Cumberbatch was also on location holding a fun little prop that we’ve seen on set before.

Of course Cumberbatch’s prop isn’t an indication that he’s holding Mjolnir, it’s just a handheld fan like the one Chris Evans was holding on the set of Captain America: Civil War so we’re not getting any major spoilers.

As for what brought Scott Lang running to the location and why Stephen Strange is there, we have no clue but it is worth noting that the Doctor does still seem to have the Eye of Agomotto on his neck and it does appear, given the fact that his sling ring is on his hand, that he may have just popped in. We will keep our eyes open for more set pics from the area, but with a team set to film in New York tomorrow, we may not be getting a whole lot more from Atlanta.

SOURCE: Just Jared