Sometime last night, MCU fans were treated to a 30-second look at Avengers: Infinity War, which revealed so much and so little. And in this article, we will demonstrate our skill in milking as much information as we can from half a minutes worth of footage.

The TV spot opens with a shot of Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Spidey, in his Iron Spider duds, in what we think is the interior of Thanos’ ship, Sanctuary II. How they get transported inside the Mad Titan’s floating fortress is beyond us (sling ring magic, perhaps?) but needless to say, that’s a real wrong place to be in. Spidey’s face says it all.

We then get another look at that Vision and Wanda moment from the last trailer. The two have rendezvoused in a swanky hotel in the middle of Old Town Edinburgh. Wanda does her magic on Vision’s mind gem (a skill she demonstrated in Captain America: Civil War) which we think is a big reason how Vision completely changed his form.

We get a shot of the Guardians of the Galaxy disembarking the Ravager (??) ship from Vol. 2 followed by Tony speaking with Banner. The next thing we see is Thor, Rocket, and Groot, who’s way into his video games, in the said ship. We have a theory on where we think they’re headed later on.

This shot of Spidey looks really good. It highlights the predicament this kid is in. After testing his fear of heights in the Washington Monument fiasco, Spidey is about to experience what its like to go beyond his limits as he’s about to reach the Earth’s stratosphere. I’m guessing this is the part where Tony swoops in to give his Iron Spider armor.

This is the shot that made me raise an eyebrow. For one, the limping Vision kind of indicates that he somewhat survives the attack from Proxima Midnight and Corvius Glave in Scotland. Judging by the room they’re in, it looks like Team Cap has finally returned to the Avengers HQ compound in Upstate New York. They’re in the room where the meeting about the Sokovia Accords took place. I’ve seen more than 10 people wonder if that’s Captain Marvel behind Cap. It’s Scarlet Witch.

Thor asks someone above him, presumably Rocket, if they’re ready. This might be the scene before the scene in the last trailer where we see Thor getting holding something together.

And bam. A shot of Cap finally rocking his new Wakandan shield. It’s not as pretty as the classic one but it’ll have to suffice to defend Wakanda. Given that it’s Wakandan-made (and probably Shuri-made), it probably has a lot of tricks to it. Maybe it’s a shield Cap can actually launch at Outriders. People have pointed how the shot echoes the post-credits scene of Civil War with Cap and T’Challa. Another great nod by the Russos or just a coincidence?

We’ve come a long way from Tony’s Mark 1 armor made out of scraps in a cave. Now he’s all about that nano Bleeding Edge tech.

Me and co-EIC Charles Murphy have been debating on where exactly Groot is. While it looks like the interior of the ship we saw them in, we can’t help but notice the foundry-looking workspace behind Groot. Noticeably absent from any of Avengers: Infinity War rumblings is Peter Dinklage, who was cast way back when in a very mysterious role. One character people think he could be playing is Eitri, a mythical blacksmith who was responsible for forging Mjolnir in the comics. There have been previous spoilery reports on just how Thor gets his hands on a new weapon and this scene in the trailer just might the part where it happens.

We get a bunch of really cool shots with Nebula (arguably the character with the deepest vendetta against Thanos), Black Widow along with some Wakandans, and a really aggro Bucky.

The Sherlock Facial Hair Bros team up and fight an unseen force which is likely to be Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian.

And finally, a smug stare from the Mad Titan himself. CGI Brolin Thanos looks better with each new shot. The detail on him is insane. Just look at those battle scars!

I’ll admit, I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get an extended look at this TV spot, considering that we got extended looks for MCU trailers in previous years. I was hoping to see new more of the Black Order and that scene of Thanos destroying a moon and hurling it at the Avengers. Maybe in early March when the drop the next trailer then.

Source: Youtube