We know very little about Avengers: Infinity War big bad Thanos. He was only seen briefly throughout the MCU so far with some minor aspects being revealed slowly. The mad titan is quite infamous throughout the universe leaving a trail of blood behind him. Throughout his conquests, he has made it his mission to gather the Infinity Stones and he has adopted many as his own “children”. Among them were Nebula and Gamora but Infinity War will introduce us to the rest of the galactic family. It seems that Thanos’ relationship to his children will play a large role in his conquest throughout Infinity WarJosh Brolin gave us a bit more insight into his character in an interview with EW that hints at the film exploring the mad titan’s surprisingly softer side.

**When you see the relationship with Gamora and you see that evolves, God I wish I could tell you. I can’t! When [directors Joe and Anthony Russo] came up to me after we had done maybe three quarters of the film, they said, “It wasn’t necessarily intended that you feel for this guy as much as you do.” Obviously he has a grand plan, like somebody who’s pulling in kids for their own selfish bloodshed. But he has a capacity to love very much and very deeply.**

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 showed us a much darker side to Thanos’ relationship with his daughters. Gamora and Nebula both pointed out to the harsher times they spend under his care, especially Nebula who was ripped apart to make her “stronger”. Still, he has other children that seem to still follow him even after all that they were forced to do. Exploring this aspect could open up the gateway to a lot of character development for every member of the Thanos’ family. We could get a deeper look into Gamora’s past and see how she reacts when faced with her former adoptive father. We are being introduced to four brand new characters, so the fact that they share a history with Gamora and Nebula could help viewers catch on to each villain’s personality. It will certainly make for a unique family reunion.

What are your thoughts? Which of the Thanos’ children are you looking forward the most?

Source: EW