It’s finally here. The second Avengers: Infinity War we’ve been waiting for. It’s a glorious as we hoped it would be and more. There’s so much to like and to dissect in these 2 brief minutes so let’s begin shall we?

We open with a shot of the New York skyline intercut with Bruce, Natasha, and Rhodey looking up. As we clearly see in the reflection of the Window of the Worlds, something ablaze is headed to New York. We think it’s Banner about to crash into the Sanctum Sanctorum.

We also get an incredible comic book reference: Thanos altering the course of the universe with a snap of a finger. It’s a moment that hardcore Marvel fans have been waiting for since the early 90’s. Tony gets a name from Gamora which is clearly not the case putting the two trailers together. Banner is most likely the guy Tony asks when he arrives in the Sanctum.

Thanos takes off his helmet, gauntlet in hand with the Power Stone. This is likely inside the Asgardian ship Thor and company escape with.

Spidey answering the call of duty as he swings towards the floating vessel above Manhattan.

We see one of the new features of Tony’s suit. His suit can now turn into a chess piece and fly at tremendous speed.

Team Cap arrives at Wakanda with his posse of Avengers. Behind him, you can clearly see Rhodey, Sam, Banner, Wanda, and Vision. The gang’s all here to make sure Vision gets the utmost care from Shuri.

Speaking of Shuri, we see her analyzing Vision in attempt to figure out how to remove the Mind Stone without killing him.

Some fanfreakingtastic banter between Tony and Star-Lord as they await Thanos’ arrival on Titan. It’s the kind of the scenario that fans have been envisioning since the film was announced. This can only get crazier once Drax opens that irony-free mouth of his.

The Wakandan army along with the Avengers flyout in full force towards its borders as they wait for the arrival of Thanos’ own. Those shots along with the Avengers theme in the background gives me goosebumps.

Thor’s party of 3 get a brief spotlight. In his full Avengers garb, an outfit we haven’t seen him in since Avengers: Age of Ultron, uses his lightning powers to charge the rumored armory of Peter Dinklage‘s Eitri.

We see Sanctuary 2 crash land on Titan. It’s Thanos’ own homecoming and it’s just as violent and grand as you’d expect it to be.

This is by far the most interesting shot in the trailer. This is confirmation that we’ll see a chunk of Thanos’ background as a warlord. We see Thanos conquer the planet of the Zehoberei as he holds the hand of a baby Gamora. It’s a concrete look at how Gamora’s people were extinguished. And look Chitauri soldiers standing guard. A fantastic nod to those who’ve been keeping track of the MCU closely.

Here we have Thor literally in the clutches of Thanos as he screams. People think it’s because his head is being crushed but if you ask me, it’s him being forced to watch the death of Loki at the hands of the Black Order, which we get to see in full force.

So that’s how the Space Stone becomes tiny!!

More shots of the Avengers prepping for their big fight and Black Panther unleashing the nation’s full defensive measures. Hot damn the ones we saw in Black Panther were barely a fraction of it.

Star-Lord and Doctor Strange tag teaming Thanos on Titan. If you closely at the image, Strange has Thanos in some kind of lasso.

This shot of Strange tied up and being tortured is very interesting as well. Is he in the Sanctum or Thanos’ ship? Knowing the nature of how trailers are cut together, I don’t think Ebony Maw (who looks evil and decrepit AF) is right in front of him. The shot of Ebony looks like it’s from the Asgardian ship.

Seeing the Hulkbuster get ravaged by a ton of Outriders is crazy.

And here’s the true money shot of the trailer. The kid from Brooklyn standing up to the universe’s meanest bully and having the will and strength to show for it. Even Thanos can’t comprehend how this man is doing it. It’s a moment that’s 100% earned. I’m probably gonna tear up seeing this in the theater.

This exchange between Spidey and Strange is too good. The kind of banter that brilliantly cuts the doom and gloom tone of the film. Knowing how the Russos use humor, this film will likely have the perfect balance of levity and weight. All in all, this trailer was just flat out incredible. I sort of hoped to see the scene of Thanos breaking the moon and hurling it at the Avengers on Titan but I guess they want to save that moment for the film.

What did you think of the trailer? Anything peculiar you noticed that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!