It was revealed sometime this month that select cast members from *Avengers: Infinity War – namely, **Sebastian Stan, Paul Bettany, and Karen Gillan – would be guesting at Good Morning America which led fans to speculate that a second trailer for the film was imminent. In Ron Howard‘s ***Arrested Development*** narrator voice, “We didn’t.” That kicked off a 2-week long drought of fans anticipating the trailer from all sorts of sources. But we’re here and we’re ready. With under 50 days until the film premieres everywhere, Marvel has finally released the second trailer.

Jesus Christ. Just like the first trailer, this one is equally jaw-dropping if not more. We finally get a shot of the destroyed moon as Spidey evades it. We see a ship crash on the planet Titan. A good look at the Black Order as well. A new team shot of everyone together in Wakanda. This is just too good.

Source: Marvel