UPDATE: It turns out that at least some of the footage that’s been leaked isn’t from the trailer. The user has now leaked a scene from the film showing the Guardians walking into the Collector’s vault before it is destroyed. It’s still pre-CG, but we get to see Thanos interrogating the Collector as Drax prepares to take on the Titan!

Remember those watermarked images of the pre-CG Avengers: Infinity War teaser that leaked several days ago? The user (speculated to be one of the hundred VFX artists working on the film) who leaked them images is back with the actual clips to back them up. Mostly comprised of mute, 3-4 clips that you can totally turn into GIFs, it’s another reminder for Marvel Studios that audiences are getting way too hungry for that trailer and need to put out the official one fast before some major stuff surfaces online. You can check them out below!

MIW5 from ascendedancient on Vimeo.

MIW4 from ascendedancient on Vimeo.

MIW3 from ascendedancient on Vimeo.

MIW2 from ascendedancient on Vimeo.

MIW1 from ascendedancient on Vimeo.

Some of these clips actually resemble the ones that were showcased in the Avengers: Infinity War sizzle reel from SDCC while some are totally new. There’s no telling if the user actually has the complete brand new footage so we’ll have to wait and see. As for the actual clips, it’s all pretty juicy. Team Cap fighting Proxima Midnight makes us think that when Proxima goes to Scotland to face off with Wanda and Vision, they quickly show up to provide back up. Wanda gives a powerful look enough to convince us that she’s ready to die to protect Vision. The Collector’s den gets completely destroyed as Gamora surveys the destruction her father leaves behind. Falcon kicking Proxima’s ass looks dope as hell. Footage from the actual trailer or not, these clips are driving us mad with excitement!

Source: Vimeo