While the Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit gets updated endlessly with each on-screen iteration, Rhodey’s War Machine suit continues to remain the same sans a new paint job and a few new weapons. It’s bulky AF and it seems devoid of any of the ultra high-end tech the Iron Man armors showcases. Tony’s now rocking nano-tech while Rhodey’s helmet piece can’t even retract into the suit. But judging from this new Avengers: Infinity War shirt, it seems that Rhodey may have some new tech up his sleeve. Check out his new look!

The first thing that pops out to me are the red lights the suit is now emitting all over. Save for the chest piece, I don’t think the War Machine has ever displayed that feature. If we had to base it off an existing Iron Man armor, the lights resemble the one Tony had for Civil War armor. Maybe they’ve finally found a way for the suit to be more mobile for the new the newly-injured Rhodey. In addition to his left shoulder canon, the suit also has what seems to be a bulkier missile launch mounted on his other shoulder. Overall, we’re digging the improvements. With the fight taking place in Wakanda, we wouldn’t be surprised if the new tech comes from Shuri herself.

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Source: MCU News Tweets