Not much is known about the upcoming second season of Jessica Jones and outside of a few set photos from back in May. There have yet to be any reveals on what we can expect for the upcoming season. The only thing we know is that it may continue the story-line that was hinted at around the end of the first season with the company that was responsible for her getting her powers, which also tied to the new Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Nuke. New behind-the-scenes have leaked online, but while they do not offer much that could reveal about the upcoming story-line, it does offer a small glimpse at a upcoming set piece.


This picture shows the actress actually enjoying getting shot by whoever had the camera. I is most likely from between the scenes as they were gearing up to film something later on. When in the black T-shirt and jeans, it seems to be the actress Krysten Ritter in her regular clothes. The pictures show a contract in Ritter’s persona, and wardrobe, when she is in and out of character.

There isn’t much new information from these shots, except re-enforcing the detail that Jessica Jones doesn’t drive. She simply appears to be going about her usual sleuthing in these shows. It would make sense for  season two to focus on her character trying to uncover the corporation that created the chemicals which would potentially led to her receiving her powers. There may potential for her trying to reveal the darker secrets behind a corrupted corporation, while getting hunted down by their very own Terminator in the form of Nuke. There is also the burning question of who will be the main antagonist for the upcoming season, which has yet to be revealed.

Who do you think will be the main villain of Jessica Jones Season Two? What else do you want to see in the second season? Let us know, in the comments!

Source: Krysten Ritter Brasil