As interest in Doctor Strange surges with the digital and Blu Ray release of the film, fans are getting more and more looks at how the film was put together. In addition to the extensive features on the release itself, Framestore, a special effects firm, has released a sizzle reel. These videos have become more and more common on YouTube. The video shows all the layering and texture work that a special effects team has to do to create the image that fans see on screen. It’s interesting to see what is shot on film and what is added via computers.

Also of interest are new images from Marvel, showing various bits of concept art from the process of creating the look of Doctor Strange. (Check out the gallery below.) Some of the images look a lot like the final product, but some are significantly divergent. In an attempt to make him look more modern, some of the concept art put Strange and Kaecilius into long trench coats in place of robes. That look is somewhere between a pirate biker gang and a Nick Fury enthusiast. It’s a good thing they tried something else! Other images seem to suggest a cloak that would have been totally bending the laws of physics. (Well, levitation is a breaking of physics too.) Ultimately the main thing that changed from some of these images is the deep level of detail and ancient-ness they gave the entire film’s wardrobe.

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The more similar elements are the early focus on M.C. Escher style graphics. While that visual inspiration was always obvious in the film’s design, one of these images has a background that looks practically stolen from his illustrations. Also, the idea of an asymmetrical collar had some earlier versions before what ended up on screen. This was a somewhat surprising choice as the comics have always featured the symmetrical costume for the character, but it was refined from these images into an idea that worked really well.

What do you think of the concept art? Do you like any of the elements that didn’t make it into the film? Should they update the costume for future appearances? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Sources: Youtube and Marvel via ScreenRant