As the month of October rolls on and the premiere of Doctor Strange nears, more and more information about the film is making its way to knowledge-hungry fans. One of the aspects of the film that’s drawn a lot of curiosity is Strange’s costume. Now this is just one man’s opinion, but I’d say that Steven Strange has probably got one of the best superhero costumes of all time. There’s a reason it’s stayed more or less the same since it’s inception. It’s unique, memorable, and easily communicates the magical nature of the character.

But what works on the page doesn’t always work on screen. When the film was announced, fans were curious how close were the film’s creators going to get to the source material. Well, as the trailers and posters have shown us, they got pretty damn close. But there’s always more to Doctor Strange than meets the eye. On a behind the scenes tour during the film’s production, EW got the inside info about Doctor Strange’s cinematic costume and how it works. Speaking to Benedict Cumberbatch, costume designer Alexandra Byrne, costume supervisor Daniel Grave, and director Scott Derrickson, we’ve got new details about the sorcerer’s get-up.

One of the most important and interesting parts of Strange’s wardrobe would have to be his Cloak of Levitation. Unlike many superhero capes, this one is more function over fashion. In the comics and in the film, the magical cloak allows the good doctor to fly. But in the making of the movie, the cloak was screwed in via a harness by Cumberbatch.

“What was difficult was going for a bathroom break,” the actor says. “You’d have to get out of it all and put it back on again. It was just arduous for everyone.”

The other iconic artifact associated with Doctor Strange is the Eye of Agamotto. The source of a number of his abilities and a staple of his wardrobe, in the film it will have the power to, in the heads of Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige, “screw around with time”. Perhaps referencing the very likely theory that the amulet is housing the time stone of the set of infinity stones, this is a new addition to the artifact’s lore. But while its abilities may be different, the design is more or less the same.

The amulet’s design, surprisingly, “wasn’t that difficult,” says director Scott Derrickson. “It was so cool — we knew we didn’t have to improve greatly upon what was in the comics for it to be interesting for a modern audience.”

One big change they have made to the costume is by cladding Strange in denim. Wearing a denim coat, and pants the Doctor stands apart from his other MCU pears. This was inspired by a Chinese jacket that Byrne purchased from a clothing dealer who had brought it back from East Asia.

“It’s very different,” she says. “There’s not a stretch gusset in sight.”

And lastly, for those of you wondering and theorizing why Doctor Strange is wearing seven belts (I know I was), the answer is very simple.

“Because it looks nice,” says costume supervisor Grace. “There’s no particular plot point to that.”

I know I can’t wait to see Doctor Strange battle the forces of darkness on November 4th. I’m sure he’ll definitely look good doing it. What do you think of the film’s interpretation of Strange’s outfit? Comment below to let us know.

Source: EW