You know what’s been missing these past few weeks in terms of MCU news? Punisher news! We’ve been getting a slew of information from The Defenders, Avengers: Infinity War, Inhumans, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Runaways, etc., but almost nothing from the set of The Punisher. Well, that all changes now as we just uncovered a quote that went under our noses during the last days of April. Speaking to WMagazine at a very posh high-society event, Ben Barnes himself shared some details on his experience working on the set of The Punisher.

There was a lot of night work and lot of action and a lot of cold nights, and a lot of aggressive passion. You have to give it anything when you are around that energy.

It’s not a particularly revealing quote but its fun nonetheless. Even though the interview would’ve been a thousand times better if Barnes gave us information on his role as Jigsaw, his quote paints a great picture of how much effort was put on by the team for this show. We all know the work ethic Jon Bernthal puts into the show so its great that Barnes gets to follow suit on that. Barnes also elaborated further on the New York working conditions he was not accustomed to.

I’ve never spent more than three days in my life in New York, but now I’ve been here for seven months. So now I’ve had my fill, I’ve dug deep. I enjoyed how quickly I found it reminded me of London in a lot of ways. I used to find it kind of intimidating, but once I worked out the subway system, I realized it was quite easy. Then you find the place you get coffee in the morning, a supermarket so you don’t have to Postmates every day, and start to understand how the city works and feel a bit more like the patchwork of it. A lot of time, our lifestyle as actors can be very disjointed and its disquieting when you don’t know what your structure is going to be, and once I got used to [Brooklyn], I loved it. I could just zip into Manhattan and see plays, and listen to music, and get drunk—all that type of stuff.

Overall, I think its great that Barnes had a kick working in New York. The city has always been a staple in most Marvel-Street crime stories, so for him to adjust accordingly to the laws of the concrete jungle hopefully means that his take on Billy Russo will be heavily inspired by his city experiences. I cannot wait for this handsome man to turn ugly.

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Source: WMagazine