This is a rather interesting surprise reveal. Ben Barnes, known for playing Billy Russo in The Punisher, was almost recast as a hero in a Marvel Studios production. These discussions were around before Kevin Feige took over as creative head for Marvel’s various media projects. In an interview with Digital Spy, the actor revealed the discussions and why nothing has come of it until now.

“I did talk to them about something this year, but it was a bit too close to doing The Punisher, I think, for them. But, you know, they have proof that you can – particularly if it was on TV, you can go back and do a movie if there’s a character that’s right. I was definitely talking about a couple of superheroes last year. No. It didn’t work out for whatever reason, but definitely, there’s still room for that in my future. As long as they hurry up. I don’t want to be a 50-year-old superhero.”

Marvel Studios is currently rolling out quite a few Disney+ series shortly so his chance might be here soon. Punisher was canceled after its two-season run. It doesn’t seem likely that the show will return any time soon. Rumors are going around about the uncertain future of the Netflix characters and actors but it certainly seems like Marvel Studios had some characters in mind for Barnes. They are currently looking to cast Moon Knight for his upcoming Disney+ series so perhaps he will be part of the upcoming shortlist. Still, it is interesting that he specifically mentions that he was up for a superhero role, he could have also been up for the role of Black Knight at some point, who will be featured in Eternals.

Would you want to see Ben Barnes return? Who do you think he would be right to play?

Source: Digital Spy