Last month, it was revealed by Variety that character-actor extraordinaire Ben Mendelsohn was up for the unrevealed role of main villain in 2019’s Captain Marvel, prompting fans to wonder just who could the master actor be playing in such a massive cosmic film. Our friends at That Hashtag Show are at it again with one of their exclusive stories. One that says who exactly Mendelsohn could be playing in the film. According to them, Ben Mendelsohn is up for the role of Yon-Rogg.

Not exactly an unexpected villain choice given how strong the character’s connections are with what we know about the film (personally, I wouldn’t mind if he was up for the Kree Supreme Intelligence). Fans of the MCU knee deep in Marvel lore know that Yon-Rogg, a tyrannical Kree officer who harbored an intense hatred for the original Captain Mar-Vell, was the one of the main catalysts for Kree-Skrull War – confirmed to be the backdrop of this movie – and for getting Carol Danvers caught up with the whole Kree fiasco, resulting in her getting powers.

With all that being said, regardless of whether Ben Mendelsohn officially signs or not, we can probably assume that the character of Yon-Rogg is shoo in for this flick. We hope he does though because who doesn’t want Mendelsohn in their cinematic universe?

Source: That Hashtag Show