It seems we finally have gotten confirmation that Benedict Cumberbatch has joined the rest of the cast to continue the filming of Avengers: Infinity War. It will be interesting to see if any photos from behind-the-scenes will come online, as the only confirmation comes from Twitter, as Jay Funk, a professional movement designer with a background for working on Doctor Strange has confirmed the arrival of the Sorcerer Supreme on Twitter with the following tweet:

It does not reveal much, but it is great to know that Cumberbatch has finally joined the production. Given his late arrival, it would point to him playing a larger part later on in the film. This could potentially hint at the fact that the film is about Thanos gathering the stones and taking out various heroes on his path. Strange is in possession of the Time Stone, so it would make sense that he would go after him at some point. With Thanos abilities still uncertain, it would be rather interesting to see him face off against the sorcerer and see how his abilities work. Maybe there is potential that he is also able to utilise some otherworldly abilities that have their origin in the cosmic side of the universe.

A larger mystery is the role that his character will hold in the film. Outside of his involvement through the Infinity Stone, it may potentially expand upon his time with Thor. Seeing both characters return in this film, we may see them team up once again and try to uncover a different part of the universe, which may tie in to the Infinity Gauntlet. Perhaps they will try to use his abilities to trap the mighty purple man in a different dimension so that they could avoid him trying to destroy the galaxy.

What is your opinion? How do you think the character will be integrated into the third Avengers film?