Phase 3 is well underway now with Captain America: Civil War continuing to climb the ranks of box office greats. It still has a chance to catch Iron Man 3 and make it the highest grossing non-Avengers film within the MCU, but even if it doesn’t, it has already been a big success. And the year as a whole for Marvel is still far from over, with them claiming the stake for the last superhero film that will be released in 2016. While no one is expecting another billion dollar outing, seeing how well Doctor Strange does in theaters will be very telling in how eager audiences are to see a weirder and magical side to the MCU.

We have already got our first trailer for the film and while that did not feature much magic aside from messing with his astral form, we have seen a few images of his powers. If you are eager to see more looks at Benedict Cumberbatch twisting his fingers, the gallery above is for you. Vandor Products has released images for some upcoming merchandise for the film and they feature plenty of Cumberbatch wielding his magic with trippy backgrounds around.

There is also a much more colorful version of the logo, and with Marvel not being shy of changing logos recently (I mean we got three versions for Civil War and are on our second one for Doctor Strange), it would not surprise me if the yellow version is used at some point in the marketing. Let us know what you think of these pieces of merchandise and if you plan to buy any in the comments below!

Doctor Strange is scheduled to hit theaters November 4, 2017.

Source: Vandor Products (via CBM).