As we near closer to the release of Marvel Studio’s next blockbuster film, Doctor Strange, those involved with the project are finally able to reveal a bit more regarding what we can expect. During their portion of Marvel’s Hall H panel at SDCC last weekend, the cast took to the stage prior to showcasing the first clip from the film which included footage of Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) meeting for the first time. After the clip, which was exclusive to their Hall H presentation, Marvel then revealed a brand new trailer for the film, giving us our first look at Benedict Wong as Wong, as well as Strange actually using magic. (If you want a great breakdown of the second trailer, our resident Doctor Strange expert, Brendan, wrote a fantastic one earlier this week.)

Following Marvel’s massive Hall H panel, the Doctor Strange cast (as well as the rest of the Phase Three actors on hand), made their way through the press line. While most of the Phase Three cast members had to remain tight lipped, given the varying production statuses of their projects, Doctor Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, welcomed the chance to talk about his turn as a superhero. While talking to the folks over at io9, Cumberbatch explained the journey that his character will go on over the course of the film, noting Strange’s change from a man driven by logic into a man driven by faith.

“This man comes from a binary universe where it’s all about logic,” the actor told us at San Diego Comic-Con. “He controls his fate and the fate of people under his knife—by skill, by hard work, by stuff literally at his disposal at the end of his hands. And the metaphor of him losing that through the crash, the tendons, the muscles, every manufacture of damage you can imagine, is sort of an emblem for how, when you lose control, you have to find something else.”

Unsurprisingly, Strange’s journey to try and fix his hands will set him on the path to “healing his soul” as Cumberbatch puts it. The character we come to know at the start of the film will be a far cry from the character we come to know by the end of the movie. Especially as he opens his mind not only to other practices, but also the possibility of other dimensions.

“In search of the healing of his hands, what he really finds is the healing of his soul,” Cumberbatch continued. “He finds this other, ultimately different way of thinking about things which is through Eastern mysticism and, beyond that, what that opens up into other dimensions. Literally.”

While discussing the inclusion of other dimensions, Cumberbatch grew excited over what that meant for the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. As he states, this film will be opening up other part of this world we’ve yet to see on screen. The actor also goes on to reveal that, like the rest of the MCU films, we can expect plenty of humor – something we saw a hint of at the end of the latest trailer.

“[The existence of other dimensions] is exciting for the Marvel Cinematic Universe because you have this huge new canvas that he brings to the whole thing,” the actor said. “And as an actor playing someone who starts there and goes to that it’s just wonderful. It’s a riot. And there’s a lot of humor in the collision between Easter mysticism and Western scientific, sort of logical binary. That’s good fun to play and that was important for me to take that element into our version of Strange.”

Doctor Strange will hit movie theaters on November 4th, 2016.

Source: io9.