This week, it’s not just MCU fans who are excited about Doctor Strange (which opens in the US on Friday), Benedict Cumberbatch, who of course plays the titular doctor in the film, is as excited as ever about his cinematic alter ego…and not just in his solo film. The actor recently spoke with Screen Rant about the film, the character’s future, and the actor’s own anticipation of the ever-expanding MCU.

He started off answering a question about what he knew about his character before getting cast:

Well, very little compared to the fans, and the greatest fan of all being Kevin Feige. So as a superfan and Poppa Marvel he—it all came from him. A lot of the heavy lifting was done by him, and Scott’s endless universal and encyclopedic knowledge of the character and the story. So I felt very well taken care of there. But, like most actors, I do my research and paid due diligence to the source material, which is utterly inspiring. I mean, it’s really remarkable stuff. It was a huge left turn for that universe of the comics, and hopefully will be for the cinematic one that we’re making.

He continued by digging a little deeper into the character and how he approached the extraordinary things the man grounded in science would encounter:

So I was intrigued by this man. He was complex, he was supremely arrogant, to a point where I was like, “okay yeah, I get it, I get it.” But in the film I thought there’s gotta be more undermining it. I wanna see him fail, I wanna see the humor of someone struggling to understand this ludicrous, extraordinary world that he’s been asked to accept. And also, you know, the real drama of a man whose every inch of his life, every aspect of his life is through what he’s capable of with his hands, and losing that, and what would result is a breakdown physically and mentally from that. So all of those flavors were just mixed in with the great comics of old.

He then fielded a question about the rest of the MCU and his role in Avengers: Infinity War

That will—it’s a good fish—but that will play out. I’m sure we’ll get to see that in the future. And not too distant future, he will be back. No, I’m gonna be in the Avengers films, which is a phenomenally exciting thing for me. I mean, I came to comics through the film, so I’ve been buying my ticket for the last eight years, and now I’m on the other side of the screen. It’s very, very exciting. And I can’t wait to see who I get to jam with. It’s gonna be great.

The interviewer then asked about Doctor Strange films moving forward and some of the aspects of the character explored in the comics such as different clothes or different weapons, and if he’s excited about exploring those areas of the character.

Yeah. Because the possibilities are endless. It’s not just what he brings to the universe, it’s also what he gets to do in it. So yeah, of course I am. And it’s funny, one of your female colleagues just now said, “it’s a shame that you moved out of the tux, you looked really good in the tux.” I’m like, “there’s no reason why he can’t be in civvies again,” you know? I’m sure he won’t be walking around the streets of New York all the time in blue and red.

Finally, in a quick attempt to figure out what might be going on in any future films, the interviewer asked which Avenger Cumberbatch was most excited about sharing the screen with…but the skilled interviewee knew better and refused to be cornered into giving anything away.

[smiles] A beautiful fish, and I’m not gonna do it. I’m just not gonna bite. But all of them. Really, all of them. And instead of making the joke of listing all of them, I would just say, all of them.

Doctor Strange opens on November 4, this Friday! How excited are YOU? Sound off in the comments below about what excites you most about the new film (and the doctor’s role in the rest of the MCU).

Source: Screen Rant