The inclusion of Benjamin Bratt in last year’s Doctor Strange came as a surprise to everyone when his name was unexpectedly listed in one of the film’s poster. Even though we never expected him to have a huge role, we still nonetheless wondered like hell just who he was playing in the debut film of Stephen Strange. Needless to say, we loved his brief role in the film as Pangborn, the man who would lead Strange to the land of Kathmandu. Speaking to IGN during this week’s TCAs, Benjamin Bratt shared his hopefulness in possibly appearing in a future MCU installment.

Let’s just say I’m optimistic that it will turn into something. There’s been no promise. There’s been no real conversation. I think they left it, as you said, purposely ambiguous, but my hope is they bring that character, Pangborn, back.

Jonathan Pangborn’s role may not have been scene-stealing but it nonetheless added a very intriguing layer to the mythology of sorcerers in the MCU. His scene with Mordo in the post-credits sting affirmed the idea of sorcerers existing in the civilized world not as warriors fighting a mystic war, but as regular people trying to overcome personal disability and struggle. Who knows how many more people out there were living like Pangborn? We would certainly love to see more of that aspect of mysticism in the MCU in a film like Doctor Strange 2, especially now that Mordo has begun to wage his own war against those who tap into the power of the mystical.

Did anyone else besides us like Benjamin Bratt‘s small role in Doctor Strange? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: IGN

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