Avengers: Endgame has officially been out for only more than a week now and its cinematic achievements are already staggering. The team here at MCUExchange has convened to give our favorite and least favorite parts of the film. Check it out!


Avengers: Endgame is filled with great moments and emotional payoff’s that we’ve been waiting to see for years. But for me, the only answer is when Tony says “I am Iron Man” before snapping Thanos’ army out of existence. The first Iron Man film has a very special place in my childhood and it’s so fitting to end Tony’s story with a callback to one of the most iconic moments from the first film in the MCU. And on a meta level, RDJ is Iron Man. His portrayal of the armored Avenger will be remembered fondly for decades to come. And all of this is beautifully encapsulated in those four simple words, “I am Iron Man” just before he makes the ultimate sacrifice and saves the universe. – Alex Lurie, Feature Writer

Have to say that one of my favorite moments in Endgame was a surprisingly small one. Just seeing Nebula and Rocket spend a single heartfelt moment together after having lost everyone they cared about. Not a single line was spoken but Rocket holding Nebula’s hand just said so much. Even without saying a single thing, Rocket realizes what has happened to the rest of the Guardians. It was the only real family he had and he wasn’t able to save anyone. Similar to how Tony tells Cap that he wasn’t there when they were supposed to lose together, Rocket couldn’t be there to help out his friends. He might blame himself for leaving them behind during Infinity War and he has to come to live with that decision. – Joseph Aberl, Editor

It’s hard to pick a favorite moment in a film that’s so full of perfectly executed fan service. The first thing that comes to mind is the portals scene, with literally the whole MCU coming back to fight Thanos’ army. However, that was expected, as everyone knew a scene like that one was bound to happen. Thinking about it, the scene that combined the most surprise with raw, pure awesomeness, was Cap with the Mjolnir. I don’t think I’d ever heard a theater scream so loud when he started to use both the shield and the hammer COMBINED to beat Thanos up. It’s something that had been teased since Age of Ultron and that paid off beautifully. This moment is a perfect example of why Endgame is such a great film: It does what we’re expecting, yes, but it also gives us numerous surprises that are just as good. I want an action figure of Cap holding his shield and the Mjolnir ASAP. Tiago Fiszbejn, News Writer

I’ve seen the movie a total of four times now and the moment that consistently makes my eyes well up is in the lead up to the final showdown when Steve Rogers, beaten down, alone, and ready fight an army of a thousand aliens with a broken shield, realizes he was never alone in this fight. That sense of hopelessness lifted by the sense of family and love is such a powerful feeling that just thinking about the whole moment gives me chills. – Charles Villanueva, Editor-in-Chief

I will freely admit that I’ve grown to be more critical of Captain Marvel as more flaws boil to the surface, but she’s still one of my favorite comic book characters. So, when the cannons on Sanctuary II suddenly stopped firing into the sky and Friday telling our heroes that “Something just broke through the atmosphere,” I couldn’t help but become giddy. Seeing Carol Danvers completely barrel through cannon fire like it was nothing and slice through Thanos’ ship like butter was pretty awesome. Plus, I really like Brie Larson in the role and her short interaction with Spider-Man put a smile on my face. – Pierre Chanliau, Editor

The biggest moment for me has to be when Cap finally wields Mjolnir! After having it teased all the way back in Age of Ultron, this is a fantastic character moment that deserves the cheers it has been getting in cinemas. It’s always been speculated that Steve might be worthy enough to hold the magical hammer, but the timing and the emotional payoff from the scene was perfectly put together. The image of Captain America running into battle with a shattered shield and Thor’s hammer is not only iconic but is perhaps one of the best shots in the MCU. – George Chrysostomou, Feature Writer


There are a lot of small plot holes that the film ignores in order to keep the plot moving and enhance certain dramatic elements. Most of these I can forgive since they’re not particularly relevant and don’t impact the story too much. However, the one that really irks me is that the main plot of the film is set into motion by a rat. If Ant-Man hadn’t come back from the quantum realm it’s unlikely any of the events in the film would have been set into motion. So having a rat essentially save the universe just seems a bit too silly and uninspired. The security guard played by Ken Jeong always gets a big laugh so I would have been perfectly happy if he stumbled upon Scott’s van and accidentally brought him back from the quantum realm. Some of the time travel inconsistencies I can forgive, but a rat saving the universe just seems a bit lazy. – Alex Lurie, Feature Writer

There were so many fantastic moments throughout Endgame. We got our first Marvel TV cameo in James D’Arcy’s Jarvis, Captian America wielded Mjolnir and much more. The only real gripe I have with the film is that part of me wished it explored the aftermath of Vision a bit more. They made a huge deal of him being able to live on without the stone in his forehead but he got completely written out of Endgame. We saw his husk after Thanos pulled out the stone but that is where it ended. Banner does not try to see if he could bring him back, if some of those personalities are left in his mind that could bring him back. He wasn’t even mentioned until the end of the film when Wanda believed that he knows that they managed to reverse Thanos’ snap. We will have to wait until Wandavision to find out what exactly his future is in the MCU. At least, Wanda got a fantastic sequence taking it out on Thanos for what he did to her in Infinity War. – Joseph Aberl, Editor

The biggest criticism for Endgame has to be that some jokes get longer screentime than they should have. Overall, the funny moments are very well timed, but a couple of them seemed to drag for a little too long. One example is when we see Professor Hulk for the first time. In itself, the concept of a being that combines Hulk’s strength with Banner’s intellect is already kind of funny, and they went further with the kids coming to ask for a picture with him. It could have ended there, but then comes another joke, with Ant-Man asking if the kids want a picture with him too. This moment lasts a considerable amount of the film’s precious time, with Professor Hulk insisting that the kids should take the picture not to make Scott sad for too long.

The same goes for the first time that Scott is sent back in time and comes back in multiple moments of his life. Like the other example, this was a funny moment that dragged for too long. Seeing Scott as a child, a baby and an old man were funny, and it should have ended there, but they go further with the whole “who peed in my pants” joke. Not that it wasn’t funny, it just lasted too long. – Tiago Fiszbejn, News Writer

I think by far the biggest missed opportunity of the movie was the character development for The Hulk and Bruce Banner. Specifically the lack of it happening on screen. All we get is Bruce telling the others that in the five-year time skip, he stuck himself in a room and bathed in gamma radiation for 18 months. We hear nothing else about it. In fact, Bruce really got the short end of the stick in Endgame. No confrontation against Thanos or Cull Obsidian. No big moment that shows the advantage of this smarter Hulk. While he does have his big moment of undoing what Thanos did, but that’s really it. He doesn’t have a particularly large impact in the movie as all the other original Avengers do. He seemingly disappears until we see him again during Tony’s funeral with his arm in a slack.

But, hopefully, he still has a future in the MCU, especially since Mark Ruffalo still has one more movie in his contract. Maybe that one will be the one where Bruce will get a chance to shine. – Pierre Chanliau, Editor

The biggest criticism from my point of view is that there wasn’t enough time for the big battle at the end! With so much going on it would have been nice to slow down a little for a few more character moments. I only found out after on Twitter that Howard the Duck is in there! With so many factions at play, including the Asgardians, the Ravagers and Kraglin, the sorcerers and the Wakandan’s, amongst others, it would have been great if each could have had their own sequence to show how they were adding to the battle. I was also slightly surprised that what was left of the Nova Corps didn’t join the fray, considering what Thanos had done to them. But it’s really a nitpick as I thought the film was a fantastic culmination of 11 years. – George Chrysostomou, Feature Writer

Despite shedding countless tears watching it for the first time, I came out of the theater feeling really uneasy about the film. On one hand, it’s an absolute stunner of a finale. The kind that will go down in cinema’s history books. On the other, the film’s structure doesn’t have the scale and intensity of its predecessor Avengers: Infinity War. I think it’s because a chunk of the film is devoid of an actual antagonist and stakes (Worrying about losing Pym Particles isn’t as terrifying as Thanos trying to beat them to the stones). In place is a very entertaining and light-hearted adventure of introspection for our heroes. Very good on its own terms but I wouldn’t have minded seeing more of Thanos in parts of the film. – Charles Villanueva, Editor-in-Chief

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