UPDATE: According to Variety, the Big Hero 6 characters are NOT joining the MCU.

It’s always been pretty cool to slowly see the ways the MCU is set to expand in the coming years. With thousands of volumes of comic books, there’s just so much to draw from and Marvel seems to be keen on making most of that based on this new report. That said, characters from the hit Pixar film Big Hero 6 are reportedly making their way onto the MCU, according to the DisInsider. For those only familiar with the Pixar film, the Big Hero 6 team actually originated in Marvel comics but was retailed for younger audiences in the animated film.

Essentially Japan’s own version of the Avengers, it totally makes sense to learn that these characters are being looked at by Kevin Feige and his thinktank. The Pixar film was a smash hit and pretty much made Baymax a household name for all the kids. DisInsider also reports that some of the projects they heard the Big Hero 6 characters could show up are Agents of Atlas, Secret Invasion, and Doctor Strange. However, they were not able to get any confirmation regarding these projects.

Source: The DisInsider