What looks like to be another enormous success for Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, Captain Marvel is a new origin for the character of Carol Danvers, who has had her memories taken from her by the Kree and seeks to find her true self on Earth. Along the way, there are bound to be plenty of big moments.

A Dive Into Memories

“Vers” is captured by the Skrulls at the beginning of the movie. She’s knocked out and seemingly awakes, walking on a tarmac alongside a woman she doesn’t know, towards fighter jets. The scene changes and its obvious at this point that the Skrulls are somehow peeling through her memories and looking for something specific. It’s jarring and confusing, but that confusion is only compounded by the disembodied voice of Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, who is just as confused as the audience.

It gets weirder when he asks his subordinate to “rewind” parts of Carol’s memories as he eggs her on to look to certain details, such as a name tag. Carol herself seems to be partially conscious the entire time, as her memories are repeated over and over, to her confusion. Such as her having a conversation or ejecting from her jet multiple times. The scene finally ends when the Skrulls find what they were looking and Carol actually wakes up.

This was a great spin on an old science-fiction trope and technology, as the Skrulls literally had to depend on Carol’s subconscious retaining information she wasn’t readily paying attention to at the time those events happened. The way that they portrayed the repetition was also suitably jarring and reminiscent of the weirder parts of Doctor Strange.

Fighting Grandma

The fight itself on the train wasn’t what grabbed me, but its passengers attempting to restrain Carol at every step of the fight. After all, she just assaulted an innocent senior citizen out of nowhere. In the MCU, we rarely see civilians directly interacting or reacting to the heroes and their actions, especially in this capacity. Clearly, Danvers doesn’t want to hurt them since they’re just “locals” as she easily shakes them off, but it makes this fight that more interesting.

It’s reminiscent of how the original Spider-Man movies utilized citizens in their interactions with the web-slinging menace, such as helping him fight against the Green Goblin or protecting him from Doctor Octopus. Hopefully, we’ll see more of these kind of interactions with civilians moving forward.

The Skrulls True Nature

When Talos arrives at Maria’s home to make a truce with Carol, we’re still not 100% certain if Talos is telling the truth. However, it’s confirmed when they arrive on Mar-Vell’s orbiting spaceship that Talos’ true goal is shown – that he was after his family, not the Tesseract. It’s great to see Marvel Studios use the Skrulls as an allegory for refugees, which could make any future Secret Invasion story all the more engaging.

To see Talos reunite with his family and reconcile with Carol was a treat. Even Talos admitting that both he and Danvers have blood on their hands. It makes the prospect of a “Secret Invasion” story bittersweet, as Carol will have attempted to help them in the past in finding a home. It would make the entire conflict from the comic book feel a lot more gray and conflicting.

Goose Eats An Infinity Stone

During the climax of the movie, it is finally revealed why Talos was so terrified of Goose, when teeth and tentacles suddenly spew from its mouth to devour an Infinity Stone like a snack. To the shock of Fury, he immediately drops them to the floor, fearing that he might be next. However, Fury picks them up again, asking for assurance that they won’t eat him too. As he and Maria are escaping the ship, they run into Kree soldiers, who Goose eats too.

People were wondering whether or not they’d make Carol’s cat an alien like the comic books, considering they changed their name from Chewie to Goose, but this moment shocked a lot of audience members and delivered one of the best moments of the movie.

Going Binary

When Carol is restrained and confronted by the Supreme Intelligence, she’s forcibly shown all the times that she has fallen and failed in her life on Earth. But, Carol digs deeper that finds that every time that she fell, she got back up more determined than ever. She then realizes that the Kree and Supreme Intelligence have been holding her back this whole time and fights back. She finally declares herself Carol Danvers and removes the inhibitor on her neck, overpowering the Supreme Intelligence.

What follows is  a cathartic path of destruction as Carol easily subdues her old Starforce team with her new powers and blasts through Ronan’s ships like papier-mâché.

She finally confronts Yon-Rogg, who attempts to egg her on into a fist fight, but she shuts him down immediately and declares war on the Kree and Supreme Intelligence. It sets up a lot for a potential sequel that could explain the Kree’s peace treaty mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy.