Avengers: Infinity War is set to become one giant family affair. Not only will it unite distinctively separate superhero families, but it will also bring actual families together with the introduction of Gamora and Nebula’s siblings under pop-pop Thanos, the Black Order. Speaking with Slashfilm, Marvel Studios lord and savior Kevin Feige briefly dished on the Children of Thanos and the role they play in the third Avengers installment.

Yeah, they’re extensions of himself. I mean, that’s sort of what he means versus the Lokis and the Ronans and the other players that have had contact with it and were doing things as he sat on a throne. He likes…he used to sit on a throne a lot.

Fans have criticized Thanos’ leniency or “laziness” when it came to his quest for the Infinity Stones, jokingly saying that it’ll take 3 years since saying “I’ll do it myself” in Avengers: Age of Ultron for Thanos to actually wreck havoc in 2018’s Infinity War. And even then, it kinda seems like a lot of the grunt work of Infinity Stone-hunting will be delegated to people under him.

Last June, we broke the story that the comics Black Order would be introduced in Avengers: Infinity War as the Children of Thanos. Being the adopted babies of the most dangerous tyrant in the galaxy, it’s only expected they work as extensions of his madness. We’ve already seen glimpses of Thanos’ cruelty in Nebula and Gamora and those are the kids that ran away from home. We can’t imagine how messed-up the kids that were left behind will turn out.

Source: Slashfilm