The day has finally arrived. Black Panther‘s staying power over the last few weeks already made it clear that it was a shoe-in to pass the $1 billion mark. At this point, it was just a question of when it would finally manage to do so. Seems today is that day, as it has officially made $1 billion worldwide in just 26 days. It is now the 33rd film to pass this milestone and the fifth Marvel Studios production to accomplish this feat. The last film to do so was Captain America: Civil War and it is the only Marvel Studios film without the involvement of Robert Downey Jr. to do so.

Black Panther now stands at a $521 million domestic gross, which means it is the ninth highest release of all time and with a potential $37 million weekend it will become the second highest grossing superhero film of all time. It will still be a close call to see if it will manage to hold on to the #1 spot against A Wrinkle in Time but some estimates see it once again ruling the weekend. Not only that, it also managed to pass The Avengers to earn the third-highest grossing weekend of all time with only Avatar and Star Wars: The Force Awakens still on top. Some estimates even put it It also had a strong debut in China with a $20 million opening.

It is amazing to see the film perform as it is and there is a possibility that it could reach $1.3 billion by the end of its run. Marvel Studios has been smart by holding back on already pushing Avengers: Infinity War to not take away from Black Panther‘s momentum. It’s success also opens up the question how far Infinity War can go at this year’s Box Office. The new release date gives the film a few more weekends before the summer season truly kicks off. It is also building off of one of Marvel Studios’ most unique and successful film with many elements of it also has a major role in the film. It would not be too surprising to see a lot more of Wakanda in the upcoming trailers to bank on their current success.

How far do you think the film will go? Where are your predictions for the film’s final intake?

Source: Variety, Hollywood Reporter