Every time news has broken on Ryan Coogler’s upcoming Black Panther film, the film’s profile and potential has grown. Tonight is no different as Variety is reporting that Winston Duke (Person of Interest) has joined the already impressive cast as one of T’Challa’s great rivals, M’Baku.


M’Baku first appeared in 1969 in an effort to steal the throne from T’Challa. One of Wakanda’s finest warriors and the leader of the White Gorilla cult, M’Baku became immensely powerful by eating the flesh and bathing in the blood of a rare Wakandan white gorilla and went by the title of Man-Ape. Duke, who stands over 6’6″, is an upcoming actor who certainly fits the physical profile or M’Baku.

The inclusion of M’Baku alongside Michael B. Jordan‘s Killmonger and the expected return of Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaue sets up any number of possibilities for trouble for the new king, T’Challa. The trio represent the most well-known and formidable villains of the Black Panther and could bode well for the future of the franchise.

With production starting in January, we should continue to get more news over the next couple of months as roles such as Shuri and the Queen Mother and Ramonda are sure to be cast as well as many other crucial supporting characters. While it’s clear that Doctor Strange and his cast are meant to be a large part of Phase 3 and beyond, it’s also looking like we should expect to see more from this incredible cast as well.

Black Panther will hit theaters February 16, 2018.

SOURCE: Variety