The MCU has attained a lot of achievements that you can consider its greatest in the last decade: the first Iron Man film that began everything, the casting of Robert Downey Jr. as the MCU’s linchpin, or the success of the first Avengers film that signaled the birth of the modern cinematic universe. Today, it may have attained its crowning achievement as Black Panther receives the most prestigious nomination of them all, Best Picture, among many others in the Academy Awards.

Black Panthers road to critical success has been astounding these past few months. This Best Picture nomination is monumental not only for Marvel and Disney but for the genre itself because this is the first Oscar Best Picture for a comic book film (The Dark Knight and Dick Tracy all got several Oscar noms save for the elusive Best Picture). There’s been a ton of pushback regarding the accolades the film has been receiving and this nomination will surely have its naysayers. To me, I think its a well-deserved one. After all, what is a movie worth of a Best Picture nom if not a film that has both commercial and critical success and will have a lasting legacy for its industry-wide social impact? This is a huge win for genre films in general, regardless of how you feel about the film. The rising tide raise all ships.

Source: The Academy