Finally, the numbers are in and Black Panther is exceeding everyone’s expecations. The king of Wakanda has clawed his way to the top of the Box Office over Presidents Day Weekend with an incredible $25.2 million in Thursday showings alone. Marvel Studios’ latest now managed to double Deadpool‘s Thursday opening of $12.7 million and makes it the studios’ second-highest preview gross only behind Avengers: Age of Ultron, who managed $27.6 million in May.

This puts it already on course to beat the previous $170 million opening that was predicted and Deadpool‘s President Day weekend record of $152.2 million. The film was released on 4,020 locations in North America and has so far doubled its original tracking, which at one point was at $100 to $120 million. In its three-day gross it now has the highest debut for a February release and is not the fifth highest of all time with an astounding $192 million. We still have one more day to go on this four-day President’s Day weekend, which should put the film at an astounding $218 million.

It also shows in the film’s overall scoring, as Comscore’s PostTrak has 77% of viewers rating Black Panther as “excellent” and 18% as “very good”. Moreover, it received an A+ CinemaScore, which makes it the first Marvel Studios film to receive such a score since 2012’s Avengers. This is another landmark in Marvel Studios’ Box Office history which just started off their year with another major powerhouse coming in May with Avengers: Infinity War.

That is not all, as after a strong start internationally, the film’s international haul over three days is already at an impressive $169 million in 48 international markets. This puts the film at an already strong $361 million just over three days with it potential reaching $387 million by the end of the 4-day weekend. The film is shattering expectations and many analytics are pointing to the film’s combination of Marvel charm, social-political importance, and how it reaches the non-core audience that cinemas are accustomed too. This points to the film easily surpassing $500 million by the next weekend and hopefully help the film pass $1 billion.

What are your thoughts on the matter? What were your early predictions? Do you think it will pass $1 billion?

Source: Variety, Deadline