It has been long speculated where Doctor Doom would first appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some thought that he could hold a movie of his own. Now, it seems like he could make his debut in the Black Panther sequel, which will take inspiration from Doomwar. This storyline had Doctor Doom overthrowing the royal family of Wakanda in order to steal their vibranium. He doesn’t just steal it because it’s the most indestructible metal on Earth, but because it holds mystical properties. Properties that allow it to amplify magic, which could match up with the rest of Phase 4 getting more mystical and weird.

Although, to be clear, this is a rumor. As Murphy states in their report, they were unable to secure a confirmation from a secondary source. So, don’t take this news as absolute fact.

What Could Change From Page to Screen

Those familiar with Doomwar shouldn’t expect Storm to show up and instead be replaced with Nakia. Since she’s still T’Challa’s love interest by the end of his last movie. Additionally, I doubt we’ll be seeing Deadpool or the X-Men helping Black Panther stop Doctor Doom. Marvel Studios have scaled down adaptations before, like with Civil War to great success. Now, could the Fantastic Four appear to help? It’s anyone’s guess depending on what their origin will be in this universe, but I’m personally leaning towards “no” since this is still a Black Panther movie.

We could also see is Shuri donning the Black Panther costume, but not given the powers that comes with the mantle. In a previous storyline before Doomwar, when T’Challa was incapacitated, she attempted to take the Heart Shaped herb herself, but was rejected by Bast and didn’t receive the powers of the Black Panther. But, she wears the costume regardless and fights against Wakanda’s invaders. She could even use new Wakandian technology she invented to compensate for the lack of powers.

As for when this movie would take place, well, pretty obviously after Bruce brought everyone back and at least awhile after the conclusion of Endgame. Considering the last we see of the royal family is them overlooking the celebration of their victory in Wakanda. So, it’s not like Doctor Doom took over within that five year gap between Infinity War and Endgame.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse