With only a few weeks left until what could be the most socially important Marvel film drops, Fandango has begun pre-selling tickets in anticipation of Black Panther‘s premiere date. If you wanna get those primo seats before the rest of the world does, we highly recommend that you avail them ASAP.

Black Panther has recently been making huge strides in the world of fanboy news with the well-received announcement that Kendrick Lamar was to curate the film’s soundtrack and the wave of never-before-seen footage from the film. Just last night during the CFP National Championships, Marvel unveiled a brand new trailer/TV spot. And while it still followed the same beats from all the trailers we’ve seen before, it gave us a new banger of a song to hype us for the film.

GWP – Free Exclusive Poster with purchase of tickets for ‘Black Panther’. Terms Apply.

Free Exclusive Poster with purchase of tickets for 'Black Panther'