We are still over two weeks out from Black Panther hitting theaters but it’s already making a massive impact at the box office. It is currently outpacing all superhero movies…ever…in advance ticket sales on Fandango. Considering how much time remains before it debuts, it’s remarkable that it’s the top daily seller right now as we inch closer to its debut date. In addition to that, Black Panther has already eclipsed 2016’s Batman vs. Superman with weeks to spare.

Currently, Black Panther is projected for a $100-120 million opening weekend. It’s also worth mentioning that unlike the aforementioned BvS, Black Panther is receiving amazing reviews so far from its world premiere this past Monday evening. BvS was widely panned by critics and didn’t hold up much after its opening weekend. This should bode well for Black Panther having better staying power in theaters. If you missed the first reactions to Black Panther you can catch up on them here.

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Source: Variety