Marvel Studios has been known for putting a lot of humor into their films. Some directors have pointed out that they are making Action-Comedies, such as Thor: Ragnarok. There are still a few exceptions that stand out for a more serious tone accompanied by some jokes here and there, which are most notably the MCU films that were directed by the Russo Bros. Captain America: The Winter Soldier stands out the most though, as the directors focused on building up the darker tones of a spy thriller with some small jokes to ease the tension. It seems that February’s Black Panther might not be too different in tone according to executive producer Nate Moore.

There will be humor, but tonally Black Panther will be more The Winter Soldier than Ant-Man.

This makes quite a lot of sense, as the film has been described as being a geopolitical thriller. It is still a Marvel Studios’ film so we can expect some humor sprinkled throughout the film but a more serious tone fits the character. Black Panther has to find his place as ruler of a futuristic city after his father has passed away. He must also find his way of what kind of ruler he wants to be while Killmonger tries to take everything away from him. If we go by Avengers: Age of Ultron and the trailers, it is highly likely that Andy Serkis’ Klaue might work as a somewhat comic relieve villain to balance out Killmonger. It is still unclear how much screen time he will get, but it seems highly likely that we can at least expect some funny moments involving him and his new bionic arm.

What are your thoughts on the tone? Is this what you were hoping for?

Source: io9