It almost seems official that Black Panther will become an incredible powerhouse once it enters theaters worldwide. Early estimates already put it on track to reach $100 million in its opening weekend only to jump up to around $120 million. These were just early estimates going by Marvel Studios’ stellar track record and the films overall Social Media buzz but then Fandango reports it surpassed all other superhero films’ advanced ticket sales. After its premiere, the film also garnered a lot of praise from the lucky ones that were able to see the film many praising it as the best Marvel Studios film to date.

All this has now led to the film’s predictions to get one more push, as the overall awareness for the film is now at a considerable 88%. The film has built up quite a reputation as it now has an unaided awareness of 43% and a definite interest at 57% by movie-going audiences. This data alongside the recent news has pushed the film’s predictions to a milestone of $150 million for its four-day Presidents Day weekend.

This means there is the possibility that Black Panther may indeed defeat 2016’s record holder DeadpoolThe film still stands strong with $132 million and it will be an interesting race to see if Black Panther will be able to surpass the competition, especially once early numbers start to roll in for the weekend. This is already a great start for Marvel Studios and it will be quite interesting to see how well the film performs worldwide.

Do you think it could go even higher? What are your Box Office predictions for the film?

Source: Variety, Box Office Mojo

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