It is difficult not to be in awe of Black Panther. After going beyond expectations in its first weekend, the film is not showing any signs of slowing down as it ended its second weekend at the International Box Office. There is a regular trend that films drop around 50% to 60% in their second weekends. There is also the term ‘$100m-losers club’ for high openers above $200 million that drop below the $100 million mark after their premiere. Black Panther avoided the pitfall of falling into the club as it earned $108 million in its second Friday to Sunday weekend.

To put that in perspective, this is the best MCU performance in a second weekend, as it dropped by only 46%.  Iron Man saw a drop of 49% while even Avengers fell by 50%. The closest film to that drop was the first Thor film with 47%. It may be slightly above Wonder Woman‘s 38% but it will surpass Warner Bros. 2017 hit in a few years, as it now has already earned $400 million in ten days. As such, the film is the third fastest earner on the domestic Box Office. It only barely missed Jurassic World‘s record of $404 million while Star Wars: The Force Awakens remains undisputed at $540 million. Maybe Avengers: Infinity War has a shot at surpassing that record.

The film’s biggest competition are the major releases in March, such as Disney’s A Wrinkle in TimeTomb RaiderPacific Rim: Uprising and Ready Player One. Still, the film also boasts some major income worldwide, as it has already topped $300 million in international markets. That could put it at passing $900 million worldwide by the end of next weekend and setting it on course to pass the $1 billion. As of now, the film rests at an incredible worldwide gross of $704 million in just two weeks. Ryan Coogler‘s film will also get a major boost once it opens up in Japan and China, which gives it a good shot at potentially passing Iron Man 3‘s $1.2 billion. Still, it will face some tough competition in the upcoming weeks, so at this point anything is possible.

Are you excited for Black Panther‘s success? How far do you think it could go?

Source: Forbes