It has finally come, Black Panther is now in cinemas.  And from the box office reports you’ve all seen it!  Twice!  This episode is almost all Wakanda talk as we dig deep into our thoughts on this movie, with our special guest Michael T. Ford III.  We also go over a little news and a little mailbag, but the vast majority of this episode is all about T’Challa, Kilmonger, Nakia, M’Baku, Okoye, Ross, W’Kabi, Klaue, and everyone’s favorite Shuri!  It’s basically all a Black Panther podcast.  Tune in for all the great conversation and bask in the joy that is Marvel’s latest greatest addition to the MCU, here on Marvel News Desk, the official podcast of MCU Exchange.

(Reminder that we go full spoilers for everything in the MCU that has come out.  This week that includes Black Panther.  So if you have something you are still catching up on, use the time stamps below.)

0:00-Introducing Today’s Guest

0:52-Black Panther Box Office Explosion
3:01-Black Order Voices in Avengers: Infinity War
4:11-Thor: Ragnarok Team Daryl Short Coming
4:40-All Female Movie Update
6:26-Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Commemoration Posters
7:36-Punisher Season 2 Production Coming

7:59-Black Panther Review

52:29-What is Fox Doing?!

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