It is still hard to believe that we will already have our first Marvel Studios film of the year as early as February. Black Panther will release in February and as such is in the final stages of production. We still know little of what we can expect from the film, but it seems that we might finally know how long the adventure in Wakanda might last. Event Cinemas has released the numbers that point to T’Challa’s story lasting around 135 minutes.

This is quite interesting, as comparing it to other films in the franchise shows that this could be the longest first solo outing in the MCU. Iron Man was the longest first solo film with 2 hours and 6 minutes followed by Captain America: The First Avenger with a 2 minute shorter runtime. In a way, Black Panther is more a sequel to Captain America: Civil War and less of an origin story. Audiences will not require an introduction to T’Challa and it gives Ryan Coogler more time to focus on the world that surrounds the hero.

Moreover, it has been described as a political and global thriller that also has to introduce the world to Wakanda. Such a storyline would require a bit more time, especially with such a large cast of characters. This does not have to be the film’s final runtime as we still have two months until its release.

What are your thoughts on the runtime?

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