The first trailer that was released for Avengers: Infinity War revealed that a key sequence will take place at Wakanda. In one of the most iconic scenes, we see Captain America, Hulk, Black Panther, Nakia, War Machine, Falcon Black Widow and the Winter Soldier rushing into a battle with the entire Wakanda army behind them. Naturally, this has led to the theory that the final Infinity Stone is hidden in this futuristic African city. With such a key moment taking place at this iconic place in the MCU, Marvel Studios will try to keep a level of consistency going into the film, especially with Black Panther premiering this month.

Director Ryan Coogler offered some insight into how his team was involved with both Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War as they were filming around the same time. He hints at a lot of cooperation happening behind the scenes to ensure that Wakanda would be carried over in all of its glory.

So what the Russo Brothers would do is, they would send their production design team and their VFX team to come spend time with me and our production design and VFX team. And they would ask questions. Even with their writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, as they were writing, they were thinking about, ‘What scene does this?’ ‘What kind of things in the Wakanda that you are building have these things?’ ‘Where would this kind of thing happen?’ So as we were really fleshing out Wakanda, we would tell them all about it so that their ideas could track.

That is not all, as Coogler also hinted on how they coordinated the various actors appearing in both films. Seems that they had to create a rather complex schedule to ensure that the Black Panther cast was able to be a part of both films. This also explains why so many of that film’s supporting cast can be seen throughout the film. It is quite great to see them use the production schedule to their advantage to ensure that even minor roles from the ever-growing MCU are given some time to shine.

The Infinity War would spend time with our actors when they could, just so they could get ready to do what they need to do in their film.

It is quite astounding how much work was invested to not only have two separate productions intermingle but also somehow keep everyone involved from revealing that Wakanda would have such an important role in Infinity War. We do not have a confirmation that the final stone will be in Wakanda but at this point, it seems like the logical conclusion.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Did you expect Wakanda to have such a large role in the film?

Source: io9

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