Black Panther is one of those films that go beyond of just being a film or summer blockbuster. For many, it was a cultural milestone, as it represented an entire community that does not get a lot of attention in cinema. It’s cast and production team took a lot of time to ensure that a lot of aspects from African culture are fairly represented in the film while staying true to the comic book origins of the character. Expectations were high after Chadwick Boseman‘s T’Challa first appearance in Captain America: Civil War and it did not disappoint. Even one of Marvel Studios’ biggest releases with Avengers: Infinity War that managed to pass the $2 billion mark will probably not pass the domestic gross that Black Panther managed. This highlights the film’s relevance in the United States and the Smithsonian Institute took notice.

They now acquired the Black Panther costume worn by Boseman alongside a shooting script signed by Nate MooreKevin FeigeRobert Cole and director Ryan Coogler, as well as two pages from the initial spec script and 24 production photos. They will be featured in the African American Film Festival that will be held in D.C. from October 24 until 27, which they want to establish as an annual event. Hopefully, some of the minds behind the film will also be present at the event to pass on their experiences to future filmmakers.

This isn’t the first time that the Smithsonian purchased something from Marvel Studios. They have displayed Steve Roger’s shield from Civil War at the National Museum of American History and also purchased the director’s chairs from Infinity War. The films have become cultural milestones that build upon the nostalgia of characters many spend years following throughout their childhood. At this rate, Marvel Studios could open their own museum showing off the various set pieces that were built for the franchise.

Source: Cinemablend, CBR