In just 24 hours Black Panther has topped the pre-sale chart for Marvel Studios, already surpassing a recent Marvel Studios blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War. Aided by clever marketing and soundtrack prepped by Grammy Award Winner Kendrick Lamar, buzz around the film has been growing as we approach the February 16th release date.

While a higher number of advance orders does not mean Black Panther’s opening box office will surpass that of Captain America: Civil War, it does provide a good indicator that the film, recently reported as the second most anticipated film of 2018, will have a successful debut. Early tracking estimates put the film between $85-100 M domestically and our own box office guru, Caleb A. Borchers, is predicting a $110 M domestic opening. The film boasts, which boasts one of Marvel Studios most impressive casts to date, was directed by Ryan Coogler, one of Hollywood’s top young talents. While early numbers look fantastic, it’s too early to predict whether or not the film will challenge for the top February opening of $132.4 M, held by Deadpool.

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Free Exclusive Poster with purchase of tickets for 'Black Panther'

Source: Deadline