It looks like the already overstuffed Avengers: Infinity War will feature another franchise comic book character, as Black Panther actor Winston Duke will reportedly join the already large cast as M’Baku, known as Man-Ape in the comics, according to a tweet by IMDB.

The addition of Man-Ape can potentially confirm that we will visit Wakanda at some point during Infinity War, which may potentially bring the various heroes to visit famous landmarks throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This also highlights that the character could potentially carry a much greater weight in a potential sequel to the currently produced film, as he has a long history with the king to be. With Michael B. Jordan playing Erik Killmonger, he may have a secondary role waiting his time to take over the throne from Black Panther, as he is distracted by whatever may transpire during those events. Maybe they will to surprise long-time fans and make him a friend of the main character through which he could become an unlikely ally during the events of the Infinity War.

One could make an insane theory and point to a plot point that may develop throughout the Infinity Wars that would lead into whatever Phase 4 may be hiding. While Zemo has yet to be confirmed to appear in any upcoming films, but he could be trying to use the distraction of the world’s greatest heroes to gather some like-minded friends on the side. Thanos may be the world’s greatest threats, but establishing some enemies that hold very personal connections to the Avengers, may it be Mordo, a ressurected Ultron and perhaps Man-Ape, the Avengers may truly face their greatest threats.

What do you think his inclusion means? Is there more potential for the character post-Infinity War?