The last minute additions to Avengers: Infinity War are getting more interesting each time. Following the confirmation that Winston Duke, the dude who we saw as M’Baku in last weekend’s Black Panther trailer, would be joining the cosmic Avengers threequel, it appears that another Wakandan will be making an appearance in the film. Deadline confirmed late last night that Danai Gurira, who we saw as Okoye watching Everett K. Ross interrogate Klaue in the trailer, will be joining the film as well.

All these Wakandans appearing in the film makes for interesting speculation. One would think that with Infinity War’s scale and dense story, there’s not much space for other characters to have their own moment. That may be true in a sense but this is the Rusos’s we’re talking about. If anyone should juggle a crap ton amount of characters, it’s them.

Given the recent set photos with backdrops resembling the lands of Wakanda and the new cast members, I’m guessing Wakanda does have a big role in the film. I often talk about how the isolated nation of warriors and sci-fi wizards could potentially take a stand against Thanos’ invading forces and the more I hear about Black Panther stars getting cast, the more I think it’s actually happening.

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Source: Deadline