In two seasons of Daredevil, we have seen Matt Murdock move through many women. Claire Temple steamed up his apartment (though how far the couple went, in their very brief relationship, is left to the imagination of the viewers), he gave Karen goosebumps in the rain before their one and only date, and he was willing to throw everything in his life away for Elektra. It seems that the only woman in New York that was immune to the Murdock charm was Elena Cardenas, who adored Señor Foggy.

But there is one relationship from the comics that we haven’t yet seen, and Charlie Cox would like to make it happen. When asked what Marvel character he would like to see in his show, he didn’t have to think before giving his answer: Black Widow.

Matt Murdock, in the Marvel Universe, dated Black Widow, so I think we need to get Scarlett Johansson on board.

While Karen Page is the love of Matt Murdock’s life in the comics, he also had a long relationship with Natasha Romanoff. The couple lived together in San Francisco, making quite the team in their ass kicking until the impropriety of the situation led Marvel to a juncture where the couple either needed to be married or split up. The two would cross paths in their later years, during Daredevil’s public outing and the Kevin Smith-written Guardian Devil, only for them to realize how better off they’d be away from each other once more. Matt Murdock never gets the happy ending, particularly when it comes to relationships.

The chances of Johansson’s Black Widow showing up in the Netflix world are incredibly low, but this is an encounter that I have had on my personal Daredevil wish list for a while. Maybe, at some point, Odin will look down on us kindly and at least let Charlie Cox have a small role in a Marvel film, so that we can see this power couple come together, if only for a moment.

As for Cox’s co-star in The DefendersFinn Jones was less prepared for this question, and decided that he would like to see The Hulk in his world. Proving that he’s had more time to both prepare for questions and study the Marvel world, Cox was quick to ask him which of the three on-screen Hulks he was referring to. Of course, Jones was referring to the current Hulk, Mark Ruffalo.

If you would like to read up on Daredevil’s history with Romanoff, in case it ever happens on screen, it starts in issue 81 of Volume 1 of Daredevil, which you can download here. Meanwhile, are you as excited about this idea as I am? Give me all of your Daredevil/Black Widow crossover ideas, in the comments!

Source: Sensacine

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