After almost a year’s worth of back and forth on the release plan for Marvel Studios’ forthcoming Black Widow, we’ve finally got the news we’ve been waiting for. Black Widow is set to premiere this July 9 on Disney+ alongside a theatrical release, taking Shang-Chi‘s July spot and moving that film into a September 3 release window.

Over the past year of the pandemic, the Marvel fandom has seen several conflicting reports regarding the release of Black Widow. Originally set for last May, it was delayed when most of the world went on lockdown. Some reports indicated an interest in a simultaneous release both theatrically and on Disney +. Other reports claimed there was no interest in straying from a traditional release. The film will see theaters globally and also be available in streaming format on Disney+ via Premier Access. This marks Marvel Studios’ first film release on Disney + and will test the waters for what could have major ramifications on the studio’s release format and the movie industry as a whole.