David Harbour was recently cast in Black Widow, the upcoming solo movie of the beloved Avenger, which is expected to come out sooner rather than later. During a press junket for his other upcoming comic book adaptation, Hellboy, he let it slip that Black Widow is supposed to start filming at some point in June this year. It was previously reported that the film would begin shooting as early as February.

I think it’s slated to start in June. I don’t think they have it fully boarded yet, but it’s a great character. I’m really excited about it. The Cast is fleshing out (with) Scarlett and Florence Pugh, I think they said. I know they were talking about Rachel Weisz. There’s some really great actresses.

Thus far, we know very little of what is going to happen with the universe post phase three, but both Black Widow and The Eternals are expected to come out sometime next year. Shang-Chi and sequels to Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther and Doctor Strange are also supposed to be happening some time during the next few years.

Source: Comic Book Movie