It is already a given that Black Widow is a prequel that will take us back between the events of Captain America Civil War and Avengers Infinity War. Several trailers have already shown Natasha being on the run due to the Sokovia Accords and having been reunited with his old family which consists of Red Guardian, Yelena Bolova, and Melena Vostokoff. It is also a no brainer that the film will explore the red in Natasha’s ledger and the consequences that go along with it. Given that much of the famed Avenger’s past has been unexplored, especially the lingering mystery in Budapest, it makes sense that we get to see all of these events fleshed out in her standalone film. And now, a recent interview at the red carpet at the Oscars last night points to an appearance of a younger Natasha along with other main characters of the film.

Speaking with Variety at the Oscars red carpet, the hair and makeup team of Paul Gooch and David White, who are nominated for their work at Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, gave confirmation that we will get to see these younger characters as well as how the looks of characters from Marvel’s Black Widow will be distinguished from the Avengers films.

Well we’re going back in time to when they’re much younger. And we have actors playing even younger than they [Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh] are, the same characters type of thing. And we’re in different countries… there’s all sorts of in it. You can see some of it in the trailer that’s out now.

This all but confirms that we are going to see the early versions of Natasha and Yelena training together in both characters’ origin location which is the Red Room and we will get the chance to see how their friendship started. It is also a fair guess that we will get to see how the Red Room is formed as well as how Natasha escapes from the program and starts a new life at SHIELD. The film could also go further back in time since this also gives credence to an earlier report that we might see a flashback that is set way back to World War I. This could be the earliest version of the infamous Red Room or it could be another major location that could have existing ties to the MCU.

Flashbacks to the past could also be an opportunity for this movie to lay out the groundwork and create some new ties in the post Infinity Saga world that would have a meaningful connection to existing storylines. Whatever the ties may be, it is more than likely that Black Widow will set up future storylines down the line even if it is a prequel movie. The possibilities are endless and Marvel Studios is more than likely to leave no stones unturned.


Source: Twitter via MCU Cosmic