Practically confirming reports that a new trailer is coming this week, it seems like the new marketing push for Black Widow‘s November release date has started. Today, Empire dropped this bombshell of a quote from their interview with director Cate Shortland.

[Kevin Feige] realized that the audience would expect an origin story so, of course, we went in the opposite direction. And we didn’t know how great Florence Pugh would be. We knew she would be great, but we didn’t know how great. Scarlett is so gracious, like, ‘Oh, I’m handing her the baton.’ So it’s going to propel another female storyline.

The consensus for the longest time regarding Yelena Belova’s fate has always seemed grim, given that Natasha wears Yelena’s jacket for the duration of Avengers: Infinity War. This confirmation from Shortland herself is a bit surprising but a welcome one nonetheless. The sky’s the limit for where this new Black Widow has been all these years following her appearance in this film so it’s gonna be exciting to watch out for her.

Source: Empire