As we eagerly await Marvel Studios’ presence at D23, filming is still underway on the studio’s next big outing, Black Widow, and thanks to a new batch of set photos, we have our first proper look at Nat’s new suit in the film.

The photos show Scarlett Johansson sporting a slightly different look to her previous costumes, with her new suit seemingly having a grey pattern along the back of the suit – though this could just be the lighting – and the suit also looks a little more tactical, which makes sense given she’ll be facing some tough opposition from Taskmaster. We got a first glimpse of this suit on the official concept art released at SDCC last month.

The set photos also seem to show some sort of crash wreckage, so it’s possible this suit is some kind of blend of a tactical flight suit and Black Widow’s more traditional look – but that’s purely speculation. Either way, it’s a pretty cool suit, and it’s nice to see the character’s look changing up, even if only a little.

We can probably expect to hear some more about Black Widow during Marvel’s segment of the Walt Disney Studios presentation at D23 tomorrow – and hopefully more than just a footage description!

Source: Twitter