Two things have been long overdue in Hollywood: a Black Widow film, and equal pay for women. Unless you’re an Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence, chances are you aren’t getting your fair share. But according to British tabloid Daily Mail, Scarlett Johansson might be getting it all.

We previously reported that a Black Widow film project finally has a screenwriter attached, with scribe Jac Schaeffer to meet with Johansson fairly soon. This Daily Mail report goes into detail about how much Johansson can earn from the long-awaited stand-alone film.

For one, the deal is reported to be a hefty $25 million, with potential bonus revenue bouncing that up to $31 million. Compare that to Emma Stone, who was named by Forbes as 2017’s top paid actress with $26 million. ScarJo’s about to make bank.

Still, that’s predictably below Johansson’s MCU co-star Robert Downey Jr., with his starting salary being around the $50 million range. The Daily Mail’s source claims that the film has a target date of 2020, and that Disney hopes that this film will eclipse the Warner Bros./DC Films Wonder Woman, which as you know, made quite a splash critically and financially.

Don’t blame yourself if you can’t get through the Daily Mail—everything in their sidebar has something to do with celebrity underboob, they mistakingly list Captain Marvel actors Jude Law and Ben Mendelsohn as co-stars in Black Widow, and they’re the ones who reported on the still unresolved sexual misconduct allegations against Stan Lee.

But the notion that Scarlett Johansson, an already proven lead actress in Hollywood, will make a lot of money is a pretty sure bet.

Source: Daily Mail