An exciting and action-packed new trailer for Black Widow was released last night and it included a lot of new looks for the ensemble cast. As we get nearer to the release of the film in May, the recent trailer revealed new information regarding the crew behind the scenes. At the end of the trailer, it was revealed that 2-time Academy Award winner Alexandre Desplat will serve as the composer of the Phase 4 film and Thor: Ragnarok writer Eric Pearson is credited as the sole screenwriter.

For the uninitiated, Desplat won both Academy Awards for his score on the films Grand Budapest Hotel in 2014 and The Shape of Water in 2017. He also has an impressive resume which includes 9 Academy Award nominations, 8 César nominations where he won three, 9 British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) nominations where he won three, 11 Golden Globe Awards nominations which include two awards, and 6 Grammy nominations where he won two. Other notable works from him include 2014’s Godzilla, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2, and Little Women who coincidentally stars Florence Pugh who also plays Yelena Bolova. This proves to be a big addition to the spy thriller flick and there is certainly hope that the score will be memorable just like other MCU films.

On the other hand, Pearson is no stranger to MCU as he is the one who penned various shorts under Marvel Studios’ One-Shots as well as being one of the writers for the cancelled Agent Carter series in ABC. Aside from Thor: Ragnarok, Pearson also has uncredited work on various MCU films with the likes of Spider-Man Homecoming, Avengers Infinity War, and Avengers Endgame.  According also to the reveal, his screenplay is based on the story written by Jac Schaeffer and Ned Benson with the former also serving as the showrunner for the WandaVision Disney+ series.

We can find out how the score will be unique as well as the journey of Natasha when Black Widow premieres on May 1, 2020.