It’s been an annual tradition for fans of the MCU to tune into the Superbowl to catch the latest MCU offerings. With Black Widow just a few months away, it’s no surprise that the super expensive 30-second TV spot Disney purchased was for Natasha’s debut. In this new trailer, we get some pretty exciting footage.

Most of this spot shows footage that we’ve seen already in the spot from last month the first teaser trailer, and it includes a couple more extended seconds of Natasha and her Russian family banding together after the battle in the burning field. We also get another great action shot of the Red Guardian letting out his rage in the frozen fortress, along with another look into the highly-anticipated red room scene.

Most excitingly, we get another shot of Taskmaster retrieving his shield off the ground with his feet, looking as formidable as ever. There is also an incredible shot of Natasha escaping from a huge explosion in some kind of huge building, the location still unknown, but likely to be an important piece of the plot as well.

As short as the clip was, it still brings some major excitement. The spy intrigue of this movie, combined with the classic grand scale the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is sure to have the fans cheering as we wait for this movie to kick off Phase 4. Black Widow is set for a global release on May 1, 2020.

Source: Marvel