Happy Holidays MCU fans! After the premiere of the Black Widow teaser trailer this past week, there is so much new material to analyze and direct from Marvel Studios’ 24th feature film, and we now have some new merchandise from the movie to add to all of our holiday shopping lists! Thanks to our good friend Charles Murphy, we have our first look at at the Marvel Legends Movie Series action figures featuring multiple characters from the new film, including more detailed looks at Yelena Belova, the Red Guardian, and Taskmaster!


All three action figures show the new characters in what looks like full battle and tactical gear, and the details are pretty impressive to say the least! Marvel seems to really be coming through on the idea of Russia’s Captain America with David Harbour’s Red Guardian, with the all-red suit and the huge star on the chest, along with an identical shield in the colors of his home country. What we see of Florence Pugh’s Yelena isn’t too far of a stretch yet from what we saw in the trailer, but what I personally can’t wait to find out is if that vest she’s wearing is the same one Natasha ends up wearing in Avengers: Infinity War or if it’s something to simply throw us for some kind of loop.

The big one is Taskmaster, who has a look very reminiscent of the classic comic book costume but with some slight differences. It’s missing the cape, and the mask doesn’t seem to have as blatant of a skull image as we were all expecting, but those could be some details that change throughout the course of the movie too, so I’m still holding out hope. What’s also interesting is that he seems to be adapting the skills and weaponry of other heroes in the MCU for his fight against Widow, wielding a shield-like Cap and a bow and arrow like Hawkeye. The real question there lies in where exactly he learns his swordsmanship from, and the mystery of his backstory and skills just add that much more excitement to seeing the character on the big screen for the first time.

These new action figures add that much more anticipation for the release of Black Widow on May 1, 2020, and we at MCUExchange are already counting down the days to Phase 4’s debut!

Source: [Twitter