You’d think that Marvel would’ve picked a more prime time to drop the highly awaited Black Widow trailer than midnight but it’s nonetheless. The trailer mostly delivers the goods as we see one more outing from the dearly departed Natasha Romanoff as she tracks down the demons of her past. Let’s get into the breakdown, shall we?

Unsurprisingly, the trailer opens with Nat’s poignant line to Steve from Avengers: Endgame, a callback to her last appearance. Weirdly enough, the line is intercut with flashbacks to the Helicarrier scene in the first Avengers film and Nick Fury when the word ‘family’ is mentioned. That “Nothing lasts forever” line is a deleted line from the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. Some odd callback choices but thematically aligned with what the rest of the trailer showcases.

We jump to Budapest, the infamous location of Nat and Clint’s skirmish. Even though I don’t think we’ll see the actual ‘incident’ take place in the film, I’m guessing whatever happened then will be referenced.

Nat’s on the run from the powers-that-be aka Thunderbolt Ross himself. We’ve known his appearance in this film for some time but it’s still a nice surprise to see him in the trailer. Albeit, unsettling due to the de-aging CGI done to William Hurt‘s face which was surprising, to begin with since Hurt didn’t look all that young when he appeared in Captain America: Civil War, the time period this film is set in. Unless this scene is set way before any of his MCU appearances.

She rendezvous with one Yelena Belova, played by the lovely Florence Pugh. The reunion is not without turmoil as the two Widows duke it out, mirroring each other’s moves, highlighting the similar training they received in the Red Room.

It’s unclear what exactly they’re after or what organization is after them apart from Ross. We see one of the few new suits Nat dons as she stands around a crash site, about to be surrounded by Ross’ people.

This scene in the trailer where Natasha, Yelena, and an unnamed third person jump on a falling structure is reminiscent of the Bourne franchise.

This frozen location looks similar to the Siberian HYDRA facility that held Bucky and the Winter Soldiers but given how both stories are in the same time period, I wouldn’t count on them being the same facility. Putting together this scene and subsequent scenes in the trailer, Natasha and Yelena are there to break out an old comrade.

Initially introduced in the only Marvel TV show recognized by the films, Agent Carter, we see a very modernized version of the Red Room. All those synchronized Widows in their gear looks absolutely badass.

Hot off their heels in the Budapest chase is Taskmaster, who we finally see in action for a second. Not gonna lie, I kinda wish they showed him in his full hooded caped garb.

So the frozen fortress is a gulag housing David Harbour‘s Red Guardian, who pretty much steals the entire trailer. Harbour hamming it up as a crazy Russian is now one of the things I’m looking forward to the most in this film. Just from his appearance in this trailer, I hope he doesn’t bite the dust by the end of this film.

It’s a mini family reunion for the Russians. Nat and Yelena are in their white suits while Harbor suits up in his Red Guardian armor that looks pretty cool live-action. We also finally see Rachel Weisz‘s Malena. It’s also been pointed out by the folks on Twitter that Yelena’s vest is identical to Nat’s vest in Avengers: Infinity War. We hope it’s not a remembrance for Nat.

It’s a showdown between Red Guardian and Taskmaster. If the comics are any indication, we know who’s gonna win in that fight. If they water down Taskmaster and have him get pummelled by Red Guardian, I’ll be immensely disappointed.

I wasn’t expecting a crazy aerial sequence to feature Nat of all people but she has shown the ability to do absolutely go through batshit moments no other mortal would withstand (i.e. her hitching on a moving Chitauri ship in the first Avengers). This is the money shot of the trailer and it looks insane. If I had to guess, this is the 3rd act sequence that ends with her being surrounded by (presumably) Ross’ people in that crash site.

Also, that title card looks really cool.